Electroacoustic Music Studies Asia Network [EMSAN]

International network of musicological research initiated by the MINT-OMF research unit at the university of Paris-Sorbonne


Etude des musiques électroacoustiques en Asie orientale [EMSAN]

réseau international de recherche musicologique initié par le MINT-OMF, université Paris-Sorbonne



EMSAN is co-organizing a conference day during the MusicAcoustica Festival
with the China Electronic Music Center (CEMC).
The CEMC-EMSAN day will be held on October 28, 2010,
Beijing, Central Conservatory of Music.

- The Call for papers is available here / appel à communication
EMSAN colloquium (in English and French)

EMSAN Track Session during the 2010 EMS Conference in Shanghai
EMSAN has organized a paper session during the EMS10 conference in Shanghai.
The programme and the proceedings of the EMS conference are here.




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